Wierd issue happen when displaying text

Dear all,

I have a layout which is based devide in 3 rectangle and a footer to display an alert message.
My idea is to predifine editable area where simple secretary with simply knowleddg of word or text editor can easyly change text.

For that I am trying to simply add a bullet menu for the restaurant inside one of the retangle nicely aligned but could not manage

Next I try to display a simple text at the bottom footer of the screen by double but when I run a preview notthing happen all place where I place text I have black background instead.

Any idea what is going on and what coulld be the easiest way to prepare such template in order that secretary juts fill in text and format gets in place ?

Thanks from your prompt answer


What CMS version are you using please?

If you’re using older CMS version, it’s possible that the font colours defaults to the background colour and that’s why you don’t see it correctly.

You can change the font colour as well as make a list in the text editor integrated in Xibo.

Although if you do use older CMS, we’d recommend you to upgrade it to 1.7.9 version.

thanks for your feedback.

I am using is as trial version for now to evaluate it for a customer
I need to build a nice restaurant menu frame when my user will only have to change the text it withojut touching the fame
In fact I would like to have a text area inside a nice frame, how this should be done ?

May the way I have arrange things is not working such overlapping region ?

thanks for sample and help

To make changes to the text, user would need to edit the layout in CMS.

Menus are often done using dataSets, then any changes to it could be made in the dataSet - without the need to edit actual layout in layout designer.

DataSets are very similar to Excel spreadsheets, which should be easy to learn.

On the actual layout you will have Ticker (or dataSetView) item that will display data from your dataSet - it can also be filtered, ordered (by simple sql clause).

You can have a look at this guide http://xibo.org.uk/2014/05/27/using-datasets-to-display-meeting-room-bookings/
It uses old images (from 1.6 series) but the general logic will be the same.

On Windows client you can’t have overlapping regions, but you can have .jpg image set as a background - which you can use to make it all look better, with dedicated space for menu etc.

Another problem that you have is that your layouts are invalid - because you do have an empty region(s) on them, you can’t have empty regions on a layout, otherwise it will be rendered as invalid by the player (and CMS - X status).

Thnaks for your reply.

So if I understand well, if my user need only to change text on any region of the layout its should be done using datatset.
In the same customer demo they need to have a space ( same as for menu) where they can display school activities and also an other frame space where they need to have professor which are not here.

So does that mean all this should be done using dataset ?

Base on the region which can not overlaping, so you mean that I need to design a smart back groud picture with white square for instance where information will be place, is that correct ?


You can use text if you feel that will be easier, but I dataSets should serve you better - it all depends how often would those information change etc.

But datasets with filters should be a better solution than just text.

Yeah, something exactly like that - just please make sure it’s in .jpg format.

I have test the dataset in the region, the problem I have is that I would like to display a header for the dataset which are dispolayed.

But the problme is that If I set a header in the first line of an array , it is repeated which each items in the dataset.

What is the way to have a header text above dataset items ?


With ticker that could be an issue, it would look sensible with an effect showing one item at a time.

Alternatively you can have a small region above your ticker region with text item that will have the columns names in it.

Although in your case I feel that you should use DataSet module not ticker to display your menu, dataset module has ‘Show the table headings?’ option as well which would solve your problem.

You can style it with CSS.

Although in your case I feel that you should use DataSet module not ticker to display your menu, dataset module has ‘Show the table headings?’ option as well which would solve your problem.

Q1: based on the exemple you point me out it says to use a Ticker, so if I am now using a ticker, what should I used as a container and be able to select my dataset ?

Q: 2 My area is specify to display 5 items in visible area, what to do to show the other 5 in the list ?

Q3 : How can I format the date in order that it is display in the form of DD/MM/YYYY ?