Widgets oversized when designing layouts

Hi everyone!

I have a problem with the CMS (we have recently updated it to version 2.3). When I am in the designing mode, I see all the widgets I add to the regions oversized, but in the preview I see them with the correct size. Anyone with the same issue?

Example (background image + subplaylist with text):

Same layout in preview:


This is most likely down to your browser caching an old copy of the Xibo JavaScript - can you please try clearing your cache and reloading the page?

Also - nice sun loungers!

Also, note that the widget appears to be the proper size; it’s the contents that are too big…

Hi @dan,

I’ve tried clearing the cache and even with another browser but nothing has changed. Could it be something else?

I’m glad you like the sun loungers! hahaha It’s a hotel in our beautiful Mallorca :slight_smile:


Very odd - I am not able to recreate the issue.

I wonder if the upgrade didn’t correctly upgrade the Module files - can you try:

  • navigate to administration → modules
  • click “Verify All” from the top right, and then verify
  • find “Text” in the list, use the row menu to select “Clear Cache”
  • see if that has helped

Ah, i’d much rather be there! haha :beach_umbrella:

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That’s it! It got fixed after clicking “Verify All”

Thanks a lot, @dan !

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