Widgets/Images in Region2/3 aren't Appearing (Possible Layering Issue)

Hi, I’m using 2.2.2, and I’ve created a layout called Melt.

In the image above, the animated gif in region two as well as the weather widget in region 3 do not appear on my computer (Windows 10), but the preview in Xibo works just fine. Region 1 layer is 0, region 2 is 5, and region 3 is 10. I’ve tried deleting and recreating the layer altogether without any luck. On the test PC, I’ve gone into Documents, moved all data into a newly created folder called old, and then redownloaded my contents; the result is the same using the newest client. On the test client (W10), my background and text from region 1 loads without a problem.

I have a ZIP ready with my project contents, so PM me, and I’ll send them over. Thanks again for all your help.

Close the ticket. I found the root of the problem. When the first region is created, it takes up the whole screen, making it seem as if the background image is actually causing the conflict when in fact it’s region 1 itself; you have to shrink it and allow the other regions to be outside of that area. This video here perfectly sums up what’s going on around the 40 second mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7UNMJM421M.

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