Widget Override Template - remember prior override

It would be great if the “override template” functionality available on some widgets remembered the last overrides between resets (resets occur when you un tick override and select a new template)

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Abillity to make a Region (in Timeset Region) published or unpublished. Sometimes i need to unpublish a region, if i test Layouts or so. For this i delete the region und build it up again, if necessary.

Often i copy some Code in the Clipboard and save it, so i can use it later when i need it in a Region.

When i go to my Layouts, choose a Layout an go to Options in the Layout, there are 2 Buttons to shink or enlage the Designwindow. Is it possible to save a default “Zoomlevel”. For now i often do this manually on every Layout several times a Day

Often when i test a new Layout or something i have the following Problem:

I insert a Forecast in a region and then i go to “Apperence” an choose the Weathertemplate. When i choose “Daily” and make some Adjustments (do an Templateoveride o. s.) and change back to “Current Day” and change back again to “Daily” all ajustments in the “Override Template”-Section are gone. So i must save my Ajustments manuelly.

This is not only by the Weathermodul, rather by any Content-Region where i can do an Template Override.

Is it possible, when you do some Templateoverrides that the Adjustments are saved in the DB an don’t be created fresh again?

A Countdownmodul would be nice.

Thank you for your Software and Support!

It would be very useful for us if you would keep feature requests to 1 per topic, with a clear topic title. It would also be useful to do a quick search to see if the feature you have requested is already available or documented.

  1. Option to 'Publish' Layout Changes
  2. Implemented in 1.8
  3. See below
  4. The Clock Module “Flip Clock” supports a Countdown - otherwise Countdown Timer

Your adjustments are saved in the database when you save the form - however as soon as you un-check “override template” and save again, they are removed. This behaviour makes sense, because you as the user have chosen to uncheck override and then save. I am not sure that keeping a history of overrides is practical - beyond a “Layout Revision” which is addressed by your #1.

Hi Dan, soory for my mistakes. Next time i pay more attention of that.

OK now i understand the “Template-Override-Save-Mechanism”.

Sometimes it is very usefull when we have a history of overrides because nobody write the adjustmenst a second time.
When “template-override ist checked” use this adjustments, is unchekct dont use it.
It make no sense to me setting the fiels of the ajustments back to default.

It is not important, is there my adjustments or the default adjustmtens…

Puhh i hope you understand what i mean ? Sometimes its hard to explain what i mean in english :wink:

Thank you and greetings


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Great, thanks.

I’ve adjusted the title and initial post accordingly :smile: