Widget only displaying background colour

Player Version

v301 Player for Windows, CMS v304, Windows 21H1


I use Xibo to call Grafana pages. After updating Grafana recently pages stopped displaying. This turned out to be Old Edge not rendering the page correctly so I needed to update Windows from 1903 to the latest 21H1 version which made new edge the default browser.
Whilst doing this I also updated the player to v301 from v254/v257.

After upgrading, most players (I have around 30 players) running mainly on old intel NUCs or Intel compute sticks as they are only displaying web pages. About 2 or 3 players do not display the web page correctly. They are displaying the banner region at the foot of the page but the main region, a grafana web page using the web widget, is just displaying the white background.

I can display the same layout OK on another player and when pressing the “i” key there are no errors shown. In the CMS the player is reporting in and if I change the player to play a different layout the CMS suggests it is playing and the information on the player also suggests it has started playing the new layout but the web widget is still blank. I tried creating a new layout and this also didn’t work and opened edge direct and viewed the webpage direct in the browser ok.

Any thoughts on why it might not be working?

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