Wide Display datasets not showing


I have a display of 1760*1080 (three full HD screens) and Xibo server 1.7.6. Player is 1.7.9 on windows.

The screen is pretty simple, background image of 5760*1080 and on the screens is a dataset which fills the left and right screen. The middle screen has some diferent layout.

But the dataset is not showing up on this screen. Can someone explain this? And is there a solution on how to fix this?

It would be good to use 1.7.9 CMS with 1.7.9 player.

As for this dataset, is it dataset view or ticker with dataset source?
I assume it’s fine in the preview/designer?

Are there any errors on player status window?

Hi Peter, thanks for answering my question so far.

I will upgrade to that version soon. I have not seen that that update was availlable too.

The preview pane does show the screen.

How can I find the errors on the status window?

Kind regards

You press ‘i’ on your keyboard to show the status window while Xibo for Windows has focus.

Could you please tell me is your background image in .jpg format?
It should be, other formats will not work quite well with Windows client (other content will not be visible)

Is it also literally set as a background for your layout or just in a full screen region?
It should be set as a background, because Windows player does not support overlapping regions.

You are damned good Peter!!

There was an Empty region on it which screws everything., I think it is a pitty that such a thing, which occasionally happens when you develop things, can happen with one empty region on it.

Thanks for thinking with me. The problem is solved!!

hmm perhaps you have some empty region on it?

You can export your layout, upload it to dropbox/similar and send it to me (via pm) and I’ll take a look.