Why xibo android client give approve athorise from cms again?

hello, anyone i need someone help me for this problem

i using xibo cms version 1.8.3 and update contents by using Xibo API (Dynamic update ) but i had problem with my android player which no update contents from cms updated. So i see this player no authorise but before this i install this player i authorised.

thanks for your help!

Thank you for your message. This is quite unusual behaviour that you are describing.

I would first recommend looking in the Audit Trail for your CMS to see if you can locate a log for that Display and when it was changed from Authorised to not Authorised.

Below is a screenshot of the Audit Trail logs from my own test CMS:

I de-authorised and then authorised my Display with the ID 36. You can see that when I did that, it created an Audit log. The first log with ID 2322 shows that my User (danielbw) made a change to a Display with the ID 36 and that Licensed was set from 1 to 0. When I authorised you can see that the licensed value was set to 1 again. I would recommend seeing if you can see any entries in Audit that might shed some light on the Display not being authorised.

If you find that it happens again unexpectedly, make a note of the time and date you discovered this and check the logs for more information. Feel free to pass on anything you find that might help explain what is happening.

Many Thanks.

Hi currently i solved this problem by set Automatically authorise new Displays in Settings menu
if you need logs i will be to do that for you.


Thank you for the update on this. Are you still using version 1.8.3 CMS?

Many Thanks.

yes!! but i waiting to use version 2.1.x

ok thank you for confirming. Once you have upgraded to 2.1 or a different version of CMS, can you confirm if the issue persists by removing the Automatically authorise new Displays option? In theory you should not be having this issue in the first place so I would be interested to know if the issue follows you to a newer CMS.

Many Thanks.

ok, if xibo-cms version 2.1.x stable i will be upgrade as soon as possible and report to you know about this problem