Why my media that contain 3 min duration cant download on my xibo player?

i upload two type of videos. 1 is 1min video. 2 is 3min video. but the only 1min video have been succesfully uploaded in the player. the 3min video cant play on the player. it just blank. can u help me what is the problem?

Thank you for your message. Can you confirm the following:

  • What version of the Player are you using?
  • What version of CMS are you using?
  • Go to the Displays option in your CMS, then click the button at the end of the Display and choose Manage from the menu. You should be able to see under the Media section what files have been downloaded and which have not. Can you confirm what the entry says for the video that is not downloading? If you can provide a screenshot of that entry that would also help.

If you can also provide me an exported copy of the Layout in a private message, I would be happy to test it on my own Player.

Many Thanks.

hello sir.

  1. player version : xibo-client-v2-R252-win32-x86

  2. cms version : Version 2.3.0

  3. the problem is sir, at display manage it shown the video are already uploaded succesfully. but when it comes to player, the video doesnt run. it just skip to the next layout. but it just strange because not all player happen the same problem. some player have the layout. some player doesnt have it.

  4. how to private message you sir. i dont see any private message link at your profile.

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