Whole screen reloads when video finishes

Xibo CMS 1.8.9 and Windows Client 1.8.12

I created a layout with a clock in the bottom right, weather across the bottom middle/left, and a video centered in the main section that is at least 3/4 of the screen. In the video widget settings, I have the duration set to the length of the video and selected the option for the video to loop.

When the video finishes displaying on the client, there is a blank where the video was playing and then the all the widgets “reload” which looks like a flicker. All the widgets disappear, reappear, and start again. This wouldn’t be an issue except the video is only 70 seconds long so the screen is “flickering” almost every minute.

How do I get the video to loop without causes the whole display to reload?

The whole layout reloads when the region with the longest duration ends, in your case that’s probably the region with a video - you could increase that duration, or set a higher duration on some other widget on your layout to make the whole layout not reload so often.