Who changed the Calendar or Display content

Is there a way to see who has changed/added/deleted a calendar item for a certain display?
some kind of a change log?

Yes, you can navigate to the Audit Trial page in CMS (under Advanced section in the left menu).


There is no data there.
Something I have to switch on?

Log Level ‘Audit’?

Audit level logging is there for extreme debugging. You don’t want to enable that for your use case.

Audit trail logs are relatively new in Xibo. They are there for a very few actions in 1.7 series, with more actions being logged there in 1.8.0 onwards.

You may need to adjust the filter settings to show what you need, otherwise the logging needed isn’t implemented in the version you’re running.

Schedule changes are not audit logged at the moment, sorry.


It’s no big issue just had some changes and was wondering if I could find out who implemented them.

Added as an enhancement request: