White page after moving server

After moving our domain to another server including a working XIBO installation the XIBO CMS does not work anymore.
We have copied the data and database to the new server and changed the config file with the new database name and password.
Now we only see a white screen. Already put on the debug mode so there is an error but I cannot find out what is going wrong.

Problem in this test environment was that there was missing a few tables. Fixed already.

Where do you see the white page, after you log in?
Is there some error if you open browser console and reload the page at this point?

I can see the login page for your CMS just fine, obviously I can’t see what happens after that though.

One note, you don’t have Source and About links there, I’m sure those information are distributed to your customers in some other way, could you let me know how?

They need to be to comply with AGPLv3 open source licence terms.

The problem has already fixed. We created a few tables new in de database.