White label issue

We are reseller, and plan to sell Xibo cloud software to our clients with while label and use Xibo server.

If we want to buy white label, then does it be possible to ask Xibo put our logo on “android app” and “Xibo cloud server log-in page and other pages” of Xibo’s cloud server to replace original Xibo logo?

Plus,Xibo person tell me that The monthly Bandwidth allowance and storage are bundled with number of display slots. Each display slot comes with 2G of badwidth and 0.5G of storage, to increase those values, you can purchase additional display slots - even if you don’t want to use more displays. The maximum file size for individual media file is set to 800M by default
Does any one know what is 2G badwidth and 0.5K of storage mean? does it mean the display only able to download 2g files per month from Xibo’s server ?

Hopefully someone can help me to clarify these questions. THanks.


Hello Hsu.

  1. The white label version allows for you to complete rebrand the XIBO software, meaning you can replace any XIBO logo with your own. It will simply not be recognisable as the XIBO software except from the required link to the software that is required by the license.

  2. 0.5G og storage, means that you will recieve 500MB of storage on the server, pr. display slot. The bandwith is 2GB indeed, but i can imagine (not entirely sure) that this is bandwith in the “90th percentile”. There’s a long explanation behind, but i have the same bandwith on my host, but as defined: “in the 90th percentile” and therefore you cannot transfer it directly to only being able to download 2GB of files, instead it is actually quite a large amount. I was told by my provider to not worry about it, and i haven’t experienced any issues at all. In whatever calculation they use, i transfer about 0,7GB a month, and we change slides almost daily.

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To be clear it’s not 90th percentile bandwidth. It’s a straight-forward bandwidth cap for that period of time.

So if you buy 2 slots, that gives you 1GB of storage space on the server and 4GB/month of download allowance. If you connect one Player to that CMS, then you can download all 4GB to that one player if you wish. If you connect 2, then you’ll only be able to download 4GB in total across the two.

The vast majority of Spring Signage customers don’t hit bandwidth caps in normal usage buying 1 slot per Player. If you anticipate using slightly more then you can purchase additional slots to cover that usage. If you thing you need significantly more then feel free to contact us and we can discuss something custom for you.

In general if you’re looking to discuss the specifics of Spring Signage’s offerings then contacting us at support@springsignage.com is the most appropriate way - rather than on the project’s community site. If you still have questions after that then please reply to the email and we can discuss further with you :smile: