White Label and Database Help

Im part of the Air Cadets within the UK, i first used Xibo about 2-3yrs ago and my local squadron which i help at. Every year we have a squadron inspection known as AFI, and the first thing the wing boss and his staff noticed was the Xibo Display we had running off a 32" TV. He thought it was great idea passing information to the cadets. I was soon asked to join the Wing IT Team with the idea to roll this out to all 28 Squadrons and 2 display at wing.

It has taken long time to get to this point that we have bought 30 windows units (All because of remote access, instead of Android) I understand all the hard work that @dan @alex and the rest of the team put in, but we want to put our own stamp on it in the best possible way.

The system has been given its own name and is known as WIDS (Wing Information Display System) So i required as much help as possible with Windows Player and CMS white label, and the best way to go about making it our own.

Also another quick question the Database we use is part of the ceyorks.org domain so we have a 200mb limit, with more information been added that database might become full, can anyone recommend another way. I know they is Clear DB but thats a lot more expensive because, we are currently get Database Connection issues with our current provider Heart Internet?

Many Thanks

Hi James

I’m glad you’re finding Xibo useful.

You are of course free to modify it to your needs, but I would have a serious think before you do make large scale customisations about who will keep those maintained in the long term. You’ll need to have a pool of people within the organisation who are capable of writing .net code, building MSIs etc, otherwise when you leave or get interested in something else there will be nobody to take the project on and keep it updated.

You can change the splash screen in the Player as an option in the standard installation. Spring Signage can sort you out with a white label theme for the CMS at little cost - and will maintain it for you going forward.

With regard to the database, it sounds like the current host your using aren’t going to be suitable. Why not switch to someone who knows Xibo and can keep it running optimally for you?

Best wishes


Thank you for getting back in touch, I didn’t know if I would be a quick process just to alter .php files on CMS just to change the name. With regards to the splash screen is they any particular size it needs to be? Who would you recommend for hosting the Database, I feel spring signage would be too expensive running 30 devices.

CI James Lowe

IT Officer C&E Yorks ATC

Don’t change the files. You’ll have to do it every time you upgrade the CMS and it’s unnecessary.

Get a theme made up and install it on the CMS, and then you can just take it from version to version with no hassles.

I can’t comment on other providers I’m afraid as I’ve no experience with them.

Any guidance on how to make a theme?

CI James Lowe

IT Officer C&E Yorks ATC

Hello Alex

I really need to change the splash screen , you could tell me how?

You can change the splash screen from the Player options. If you want it built in to your own custom player, then it’s a service Spring Signage sell. Full details are on their website.