White flash before IE window

Hi all

This is going to sound a bit odd but here goes :slight_smile:

We are using Xibo in our call centre to switch between an IE window with call statistics and a PowerPoint slide with “message of the day” etc.
The issue is when it transitions to the IE window from PowerPoint it very briefly (and I’m talking only a fraction of a second) flashes white while IE is loading the internal web page containing the stats. Our sensitive people are complaining that the white flash is giving them headaches…
Definitively not related to PowerPoint exiting as I’ve tested it with a low resolution .jpg as well and causing the same thing.

The clients are running version 1.7.15.

Is there any way I can get the client to pre-render or preload the IE slide prior to loading it? We are using Windows clients so I dont believe we can use the slide transitions to help us out. Also tried an embedded iframe but giving the same thing.


Can you first try upgrading the Player to the latest available (1.7.7) and see if that resolves the issue before we look at it?

Hi Alex

I have now updated the client to 1.7.7 and asked the users to test. They report that the “white flash” is still occurring. Anything we can do to try and prerender the web page?


Xibo waits for Internet Explorer to tell us that the page has finished rendering before we show it - so there should be no flash.

I can only think it’s something specific to that webpage that is causing the page to finish loading and then the content being shown - perhaps if it’s rendered using Javascript/ajax calls?