Where can i see the xibo version?

Hello together, i have installd xibo server 1.8.12 (this i found in the info of the server in the webinterface).

Please can you get me a link für the right client player version…

thanks an best regards

Hi, is no one here you can answer me my question??

I’ve never had an issue running later players for the older version of xibo, you’re mileage may vary though. The last specific client for 1.8 seems to be 1.8.14 and is located at the bottom of the first page on the link below.

The players are available here - Releases · xibosignage/xibo-dotnetclient · GitHub

Not sure if they are located elsewhere as well.


Hi Kusselin.

Below are links to the latest version 1.8 players:

Xibo for Windows
Xibo for Android
Xibo for Tizen
Xibo for webOS
Xibo for Linux.

You will notice that the Tizen and webOS players are version 2, the reason for this is due to a reimplementation of the XMR push messaging service, so it is best to use these versions instead.

On a side note, 1.8.13 is the latest version of 1.8 and is required if you wish to use Xibo for Tizen.

Many Thanks.

Yes thank you very much!!

Now, all right all is going

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