Where are statistics?

Hi guys,
I have tried to get proof of play statistics but CMS 1.8.11 shows only “Bandwidth” and “Time Disconnected”.
Am i missing something here?
I have this “Default setting for Statistics Enabled?” enabled/checked in CMS.

On the Menu, under Reporting you have Display Statistics, Proof of Play and Library Usage.

To see Proof of play stats, you will want to open Proof of Play page.

Thanks Peter!
i have found the button but system gives no proof of play reports.
System is 1.8.11 with player 1.8.10 (Windows)
the period i am tryin is very short, like 2 days only. I know for the fact that there is content which has been displayed but when i try to get the report, all I get is rolling wheels and nothing happens.
After a long while of waiting, i get the following error,
“DataTables warning: table id=stats - Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see http://datatables.net/tn/7

Any ideas?