When is a screen being updated?

Hi There,

I am an absolute newbe.
Have installed Xibo on a Local server and during the last two days I’ve been experimenting and reading a lot in the community.

What i could not find so far is…“When is the display updated” as long as I do not schedule anything.
I only have a default Layout, assigned to a display.

But changes do not seem to be displayed. Unless I stop the Client and restart it. And even then sometimes changes are not shown.

Thanks for your comments.

Displays are updated according to a few settings within the CMS. The Display Settings/Display Setting Profiles page contains profiles for various displays. By default the CMS upon install creates the Android and Windows profiles. (These profiles are assigned to screens within Display(Page)/Edit Display(Option)/Advanced section of the CMS.) In the profiles edit screen, you will see several options. The ones that pertain to update intervals of the displays are

Collect interval - How often should the Player check for new content.
Download Window - Start Time - The start of the time window to connect to the CMS and download updates.
Download Window - End Time - The end of the time window to connect to the CMS and download updates.

Leave the Start time and End Time @ 00:00 to always allow the displays to download content, no matter what time it is.( Also note that as of 1.7.5(?), there is a bug that if the download windows exceeds midnight, no content is ever downloaded)

So I believe the default Collect Interval, if nothing is changed, is set to 10 minutes. So that is probably why it seems that nothing changes until you exit and restart Xibo. (As restarting Xibo will make it check for updates immediately.)

When an update window is reached, the client will check for updates every “X” number of minutes as specified within the display profile. Then the updates need to be downloaded. Next scheduling factors in, but really shouldn’t be that much of an issue unless you have specified long run times on media, layouts, or schedules.

If, after making adjustments to the display profile and you still do not seem to get the desired results please post back.

Hope this helps.

It is fixed in latest 1.8 alpha release and will be fixed in 1.7.6


The Windows client confused me a bit also. I made some changes with th Fly-in function. They did show in Android but not in Windows. So I assumed the display was not updated.
Apparently the FLy-in function does not work in the windows client.

I know that this post is already a few years old, but I found it while I am researching along my question ‘how log does it take that a screen beeing updated after changes’?

I have seen that there are settings in the screensettings, and there is also a setting in the profile settings.
In both cases, it is 5 minutes on my system.

But watching the clock, the changes are visible after 10 minutes? Is there something missing from my side, or is this a bug?

Player => latest Windows Player