What to expect in 1.8 "Tempel"

Originally published at: http://xibo.org.uk/2015/06/22/tempel-preview/
Back in October we let you know what to look forward to in 1.7 and beyond and since writing we have delivered 5 releases of 1.7, 6 Xibo for Android releases, moved to GitHub, opened the Xibo Community Forums and made many improvements to the Xibo Cloud. Spring Signage are also pleased to be able to provide…

Nice to hear some news !

what a bout the clients ? do you have stated for the technology it will be based on ?

Xibo for Android will remain our commercial player and be fully compatible with 1.8 when it’s released. The open source player is also likely to have an overhaul in this version, but we haven’t quite settled on the technology yet.