What is wrong with this layout?

I have a layout that has one region (full screen) that displays a web url. It’s a very simple layout, all perms are correct, and everything looks fine to me, however, the layout is displayed in the CMS with a status of (!). When I preview the layout, it looks good. I was going to upload my layout here, but apparently, it only allows you to upload pdf and image files.

We are running the 1.7.6 version of the CMS. I will be migrating to the newest version shortly.

Web pages are external content to the CMS. So the CMS cannot say that everything is fine since it can’t say for sure.

You will need to preview your layout to make sure it loads correctly. If it does show correctly, it should be fine.

Somewhere on the community was a post I believe from @Peter that explained what those icons mean. I just can’t find it for layouts.

Good to know, it loads just fine on the displays. Thank you!

Quite possible, but well I’ll write it again.

All status information (be it for Layouts or displays) should also show their description when you mouse-over them in CMS.

For layouts:

- Layout is valid

- Layout is invalid and should not be scheduled

- Means that layout has some items accessible only by the display - like embedded, webpage etc.

Now I believe that 1.7.6 CMS still can show ! status even if layout is invalid ie if you have let’s say webpage on it and an empty region it will show ! status - that was fixed in the next versions Invalid layout with "?" status in CMS · Issue #727 · xibosignage/xibo · GitHub

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