What is the maxium number of client can be conneced to one server

What is the maxium number of android client can be connected to one server

Unless your hosting provider limits the display slots for your CMS Instance - like for example the demo CMS with our hosting has limit of 2 display slots, but there is no hard limit. Of course the performance of all of that will depend on your web server / hosting etc, but still no hard limit.

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can we connect 24 client of paid android licence

As I said there is no hard limit in CMS, so yes you can.

If you’re thinking about our hosting, then you’d need CMS Instance with 24 display slots to authorise all of your 24 displays.

Display slots in the CMS and Xibo for Android licences are separate.

If you’re hosting the CMS by yourself, you can of course also connect 24 devices to your CMS, performance will depend on your web server. (for 24 devices it might be quite bandwidth intensive if all of them will need to download new content etc).