What is currently the best player hardware?


No I sideloaded the Tasker APK and set Tasker to reboot each Android unit every night.

It helps to clear memory and helped with stability. Also I rotate in a layout every 30 min or so to wipe the screen.
This is mainly for the RTSP feed layout, as it seems to hang for a bit after a few hours of running non-stop.

Because of these occasional hangs, I’d like to find a more robust Android device for the Xibo client even if it costs a couple hundred.


I’m testing DS-830 v.3 it is a A83T , Octa-Core,main frequency 2GHz 2Gr/16GBf
it has Support PCI-E, 3G/4G, support network and voice call. under $100

So far I have 3 units working continuesly correctly for 3weeks (RSTP feed) but your https://tasker.joaoapps.com/

sounds interesting


Hi Ethan, Bought one of these based on your comment. Did you find a way of shutting it down and starting it up. CEC is not a option on my displays. Fairly new to this?