Weekday scheduling

If we are looking to schedule things weekday only (mon to Friday) would we do this with dayparts?

I know repeat only allows for daily repeat but no weekday repeat.

I’ve tried setting up the dayparts in 1.8rc2 but I cannot get it to ignore saturday and sunday. The fields are blanked out and It doesnt save.

Your approach seems to be correct, ie to create daypart and then use repeating schedule with it.

Unfortunately as you can see those two fields in daypart exceptions are read-only, which is a bug that is already fixed and will be released in 1.8.0-rc3 of course.

What you will want to do in the meantime is.

Create a new event
Start time lets say Monday next week
End time Friday next week

repeats weekly
every 1
until (some Friday far into the future)

That should work fine.

Thanks Peter! Good call :smiley:

Is there a date yet for the public release of 1.8?

1.8.0-rc3 is overdue and should land at any time (perhaps even next week). After that I can’t imagine more than a month of further testing before we can release a stable 1.8.0 - however this is not a firm date (its a firm target though!).

good stuff Dan.

Keep up the good work.

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we are using the spring signage hosted 1.8 and I want to clarify how to create a daypart schedule that only runs Monday - Friday.

How do i ignore Saturday and sunday? Would I add them to the exception list with a start time and end time of 00:00?

If you just want a schedule that runs on Monday-Friday, then there’s no need to use a named Daypart.

You simply schedule your first instance

Start: 08:00 2017-04-04
Finish:17:00 2017-04-04

Then repeats Weekly, as follows:

That will repeat every week day, from 8am to 5pm, indefinitely.

Dayparts are more useful for when you have something that varies each day - for example “Breakfast” which is 6am-10am Monday-Friday, and then 7am-11am Saturday and Sunday.

You’d then schedule your first instance with the Breakfast daypart, and then set it to repeat every day (indefinitely, or to a fixed date, at your option).

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Hi I would like to play content / layout only on mondays, how do i go about setting that up ?