Webview rendering problem


I have built a website that i want to show using Xibo on our DSCS9 device, the page renders ok except the chart i built using chart.js which is not rendered at all, the same page renders fine in chrome and Edge on my desktop and i installed chrome on the DSCS9 where the page renders fine aswell … does Xibo for Android use it’s own engine for viewing sites? can it use the chrome browser avalible on the android device? I tried opening the page in the browser that comes with the DSCS9 device and the chart is not displayed there either, is Xibo using that browser? I Can’t seem to find anywhere to set a default browser in the android settings.

I am using the latest Xibo for Android player version.

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Thank you for your message. The DSCS9 does indeed use the WebView browser installed on the device to display your Layouts. If you find that any elements are not displaying using the default browser installed on the device, it is likely that the webpage will not be supported within your Xibo for Android Player.

It is not currently possible to change the browser used with the Xibo for Android Player.

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Hi Dan

That is unfortunate, is there a way i can see the browser debugger to determine if i can change the code to make it work for the included browser?

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Thanks for your reply. Xibo for Android is a Licensed Player and so is not available for modification in the way you describe. I will pass on your feedback regarding the use of the Webview browser to the Development team for consideration.

Many Thanks.

sorry i meant the html / javascript code on my site not the player :slight_smile: