WebSite suddenly not appearing

Hi all.

We’re in a testing period for an InOut/system called OfficeStatus which we have put on to out Xibo display successfully. We’ve now changed the IIS on OfficeSTatus so that the URL is secure (https://) and switched all of our clients over, but the Xibo systems simply aren’t showing the webpage any more. The system services a “public” view which displayed fine on Xibo previously at:


Since switching to:


Xibo refuses to display, but it works everywhere else in multiple browsers with no issue!

Just an FYI - here is the webpage on my desktop, showing successfully connecting.

I’m so sorry. Local cert wasn’t installed on the device and so it was us rejecting it.

Back in my box I go…

Thank you for your post and glad to see you were able to resolve the issue quickly.

Many Thanks.