Webpage with URL Parameters (1.8.1 Windows Player) Issue

I am new to Xibo and am using 1.7.9. I decided to try 1.8.1 with the Docker installation – which was brilliant of you to create!
With 1.8.1 installed on a new Windows 7 player, I could not get the same design containing a webpage to display correctly. (I used export/import to move to 1.8.1) It appears that the URL contains parameters which seem to be ignored. e.g.
(yes, this is horrible security practice… long story)
“Preview Layout” works correctly, though.

However, if I change my webpage to open natively, it does work.
Unfortunately, I need “manual fit” to have it formatted correctly on the display.

Xibo Player 1.8.11
IE is 11.0.9600.18665 (and the URL works correctly in IE)
.net version 4.6

Any guidance would be appreciated!

Security issue aside, I’m not sure why that would not work in other options (Best Fit and manual position).

With open natively it opens the webpage as you’d enter that URL directly in the browser without any changes, while manual position does embed webpage in Xibo at the dimensions specified on the form, perhaps that’s somehow the issue with your webpage, perhaps your webpage does not allow/support to be embedded in an iframe (which is what manual position/best fit options do)

I assume Best fit is also not working?

What does it display with manual position? Is there some sort of error about embedding or anything like that?

Unfortunately I don’t have a sane way to test this case, as that’s not really common way to log in to webpages these days.

Thanks for the prompt response.
Yes, this fails on Best Fit and Manual Position.
With these options, the webpage displays without error at the login prompt, i.e. as if it used:
Again, the curious part of this is that it works in 1.7.9 and “Preview Layout” in 1.8.1.

I will try a few more experiments this afternoon…

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I now have it working, but am not confident on understanding why. The last experiment was to Reset Internet Explorer settings to the default. I do not believe that I changed any settings, but it’s working and I won’t touch IE at this point.

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Interesting, it’s definitely possible that some settings were changed, but since we don’t know what you before it would rather hard to know which are different now.

In any case, I’m glad that it is working for you know.