Webpage URL or RSS Feed with Display ID or location?

I’d like to use only one layout on different clients but show localised information on each of them. For example a time schedule for different stores. The schedules for all stores are in a database on our webserver.
Is there a possibility to add a parameter to the url when opening a webpage in a region to identify the client? Or use longitude and latitude of the client?
e.g. http://www.mydomain.com/information.php?display=[id3]

And: Is this possible in the url of the rss-feeds in the ticker module?

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I do not believe that either is possible at the moment.

A very similar question was asked here.

That’s a pity.
Thanks for your response!

Your welcome.

We could also benefit from such a feature. You may want to look through the feature request and see if someone has already requested this. If it is not there, you might consider making the request.