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Hey, the Trigger on page Load error is not well documented. Is the “Trigger on page Load error” a Layoutcode? Or a Webhook code? (not working for me, if i disconect wifi) (Android 307, CMS: 3.3.3)

btw: on Interactive Actions | Xibo Digital Signage
the Link on the picture is not available:

Hi, thank you for posting!

Layouts are assigned a Code Identifier (on creation or by editing an existing Layout record):

This ‘code’ is then entered on the Configuration tab for the Webpage Widget:

which then should trigger this Layout in the event the page returns an error and fails to load.

Could you confirm if this does not work for you in this way, so we can investigate further.

Thank you for highlighting the missing link, that has now been corrected and I can certainly make improvements to our documentation to make that clearer for users, thank you for the feedback!

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Yes, tried it with the direct Code identifier. If i disable network connection (android) then this (ugly) error appears

maybe it is better to rename this option or describe it to “CodIdentifier to be triggered when…”

looked in the players Information: The Layout is not in the List of downloaded Layouts

Thank you for confirming.
There does seem to be an issue, which has now been highlighted to our dev team, I will post here with any updates.

I can certainly make a suggestion to the team with regards to the labelling of that option.

Thanks again.

I tried it also with dscs9 players. They also ignoring this

First my apologies, the Webpage code trigger IS in fact triggered by a webhook and not by a Layout Code identifier! As this is really not clear (and caused me further confusion) I have hopefully made that now a little clearer in the documentation: Webpage | Xibo Digital Signage

I have also made a suggestion to the dev team that the field is renamed or made clearer in the CMS.

Again, sorry for any confusion this may have caused.


Hey @natasha thank you for the Answer. But anyway: If i set it as Webhook, the Error still appear. I try to disable Wifi. Then the Webpace couldn’t be loaded. And the ugly Android Error appears :slight_smile:

just for my information: Why is there the Workaround with the “layoutCodes” in the Webhook(Action) settings. Wouldn’t it be easyer to choose the Layout directly. ?

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