Webpage Ticker - Content Not Reaching my Display

I currently have version 1.8.3 of Windows client on my players and I’m trying to get any of the following HTML links to display on a screen in my office but I’m not seeing anything. Note that I can sometimes see my videos playing in the preview after I design the layout.

Link with MP4 video & images: https://integrations.cloud.theadsontop.com/stationary/iframe.universal.html?displayId=ri.display.main.display.a01e6c4d-af9d-4f36-8d31-08915565d7d7&namespace=jetset

Link with MP2 video & images: https://integrations.cloud.theadsontop.com/stationary/iframe.universal.html?displayId=ri.display.main.display.07d197bd-bb09-4685-8dc4-870a53d2ebeb&namespace=jetset

Copy and paste these links into an incognito Chrome browser and you will see the content that is on it. Also, note that I see “!” when I look at my layouts in Xibo and when I hover over it, I get: “There are items on this layout that can only be assessed by the display.”

What browser & version is the Xibo webpage widget leveraging?

Another interesting observation: When I was in preview mode, I copied your link and put it into an incognito browser and could then see my images play. Apparently, I can’t see some of my images in the Xibo preview when it’s running in my Chrome browser.

Alex or Peter: Any guidance you can provide me with here would be greatly appreciated. Is there any chance that you can attempt to replicate what I was seeing on a screen in your office?

I feel like I am so close to getting the content to show up because it does show up in the layout preview.

Windows Players use Internet Explorer 11 (or very similar) rendering capabilities.

The reason you can’t see stuff in preview is likely to do with your link being HTTPS and your access to the CMS being over HTTP. The browser will block some elements in that scenario.

As to why it doesn’t run on the Player, it’s hard to say.

The Player will download an HTML file for that region. You should open that locally and see if your page still renders when put inside the HTML the CMS serves. You’ll find the HTML file in the library.

Hey Alex,

So I scheduled whatsmybrowser.org into a layout and scheduled it on my screen. I then captured this information from that:

As you can see at the very bottom ad block is enabled. This is a red flag (and highly likely to be the issue) because I have ads that are on the HTML link I am scheduling. That being said, of course, it makes sense that the content is not appearing on my display. How would one go about disabling ad blocker?

We don’t enable any adblocker.

I suspect that’s a false-positive, unless for example you have an adblocker installed in Internet Explorer 32 bit on your machine?