Webpage problem after view minutes or view hours. (no internet connection)

hi ,

i have some layout webpage (queueing system), this webpage i connect to local site
(http://localhost/queueing/1.php). in the few minutes webpages working normal. i have four webpage contain queueing system. but after view minute or view hours, this webpage appear error message, (not all webpage, sometime 2 or 1 webpage error) the error message said ‘
website can’t connect’. this problem make me headache, even i already put refresh page 10 sec, in my website.
i tried many ways to solve this problem, but still not working.

note : i use xibo 1.4.1 cms, xibo player ver 1.6.4, i put interval 30 sec but i also tried 360 sec, but still error.

anybody know how to solve this problem ?

thanks in advance

It sounds like the Player is loosing connection to your webserver.

Is there any reason you’re running such old versions? If there were a problem then there’s no chance of us fixing bugs in such an old release.

You should upgrade to 1.7 series, see if the issue persists, and if its does we can look in to it

Thanks Alex for your reply,

yes i will try for new version.

this is the error i mean.

link error message