Webpage not displaying

I am using Xibo 1.8. to show live train times, however when I put in the link as a webpage it only shows as this:

Yet if I make a departure board with bus times, it lets me preview it and see the bus times. it just makes it difficult before assigning the layout to know if this webpage is going to work or how it is going to look. also, i’ve noticed that when I add in a webpage it shows on the layout status as the exclamation mark and never changes to a tick. Could I be doing something wrong?

That’s perfectly normal when webpage is set to ‘Open natively’, if you change it to best fit (leave dimensions as 0 and 0 ie region size) it will be shown there in the designer. It should also be shown in layout preview with Open natively.

It’s also perfectly normal, it just means that there are some external items on your layout (ie the webpage) that can be assessed by the player.

I have followed this instruction by changing it from open natively to best fit and now instead of the web symbol showing, nothing appears in the box

Then perhaps something is wrong with your webpage / URL.

What’s the URL you’re trying to reach?

When I follow the URL on its own it works just fine, and is a URL I have used before on an older version of Xibo

And does it work when you preview the layout?
Or when you display this layout on your client?

No preview layout just shows the plain background. Trying to display it on the client to see if it works but having issues with that, too. It is only appearing in the corner of the screen and flashing on and off.