Webpage loading too slow. not like usual

To be completed by the original poster:

CMS Version

Version 2.3.16

Installation Method

Custom install

Operating System

windows server 2019


taking too slow to load and to connect player to cms. for the first 2 months, all is good. but now become slow and not like usual. can u help me to know what the cause of this problem ?

please help me sir @alex thank you

It’s a custom install and we don’t support those, so no I’m afraid I’ve no idea what the problem is. You’ll need to look at it from first principles - so look at what process is making it slow? Is it PHP, is it the database etc, and then look at what that process is doing more than normal.

If you have graphing then looking at that before and after the problem started will be a big help.

Good luck!

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