WebOS vs Android

Hi guys,

I’m running Xibo CMS and a few Android boxes as testing, but looking at options of using LG WebOS TVs. Im considering what path to go down.

Are the main benefits for LG WebOS TVs an ‘all in one’ solution. Considering the cost of a license is significantly more, being locked into one ecosystem and if the TV dies, its a throwaway unit. At the moment WebOS 3.0 is required, will Xibo surpass this any time soon? I don’t want to be rebuying TVs in the short term…

Wondering if there are any real world reasons why i’d go down this route, rather than a cheap android box I can put on any brand TV? Our current work has Samsung MagicInfo and we’re stuck in their expensive ecosystem which i’d love to get out of…


The main benefits are a tighter integration with the device (ie scheduled power on/off, control of display parameters - eg brightness, colour balance etc) from inside Xibo.

There’s also fewer parts, so less to go wrong. Nobody can accidentally unplug the HDMI cable or remove the power to the Player device etc.

They also support taking an HDMI/composite input and showing that inside a region. So if you want to integrate a set top box output then it makes that very easy.

Finally if you’re paying someone to do the installation, you have one less thing to install and therefore less labour time. No separate bracket and cable management to connect the device to the screen.

We currently require webOS 3.0/3.2 for Signage. See the compatible panels list to see exactly which devices are required. That’s because those panels are designed for signage, and have the hardware integrations we need to deliver the software.

Thanks mate, will consider WebOS version in certain situations.