webOS player not showing in CMS

I´m experiencing a awkward behaviour between my on-premise CMS and webOS player.
I´ve purchased a license and installed the xibo successfully using remote mode on my 32SM5C model.
When I set the CMS URL and key it connects to my CMS but it doesn´t show any new webOS player on my players list. Instead, the monitor shows in the status an another previously registered windows player name as being itself and start to play this player´s playlist.
Also, in my product list at spring signage this monitor doesn´t appear using the license that I purchased.
I tried to find a similar discussion in the community but I haven´t found any.
I´d appreciate if you could give me a clue.
Best regards.

It could be better if you would contact Spring Signage Support directly, preferably using the email address you have registered in the Customer Portal.

I would be really surprised if your webOS would get the same hardware key as your windows player, that’s unlikely to say the least.

You could change the hardware key on the windows player (Open player options -> Advanced tab -> display ID.

Remove the existing display record and connect your webOS player again to the CMS.

Regarding webOS licence, assuming you’ve entered the licence pool email address in the webOS player and that it has internet access it should be able to reach licencing server.
Do you have any proxy, firewall etc that could potentially block such connection?

I did all the factory reset on the monitor and reinstall but the same situation happened. I don´t have idea the reason. But I did another installation in a 43SM5C and it worked well. I´m not sure if there is difference of webOS version between 32SM5C and 43SM5C models.
Best regards.

I have a 32SM5C here and I don’t have any issues registering with the CMS. What would be really useful is if you could enable auditing on your CMS (or put it in Test mode would be better) and try to register the 23SM5C again - we might see some logging from RegisterDisplay which gives us a clue what is happening.

Failing that, you could contact our Help Desk and we can arrange a CMS to be made available which you can connect to, so we can look at the logging, etc directly.