WebException in Run

Hi folks,

since upgrading to 1.7.5 I have had a couple of issues. The main one being as follows:

Every so often I randomly get the following error on the client:

WebException in Run: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a a receive. This occurs with:

RequiredFilesAgentThread, ScheduleAgentThread, RegisterAgentThread and LogAgent.

This problem cause my layout to start playing from the beginning, even if it hasnt yet completed.

Any idead?


You might want to click ‘verify all’ from modules page in CMS.
Other than that, perhaps enable debugging and see if there is anything in the logs, check player status screen for any error informations, make sure that your player actually has reliable internet/CMS connection.

I’ve verified the modules and will monitor, client and CMS are on the same computer.

Will feed back if the problem re-occurs