Web Page Caching Options

In a layout/region, we have several static HTML files served from the very same webserver that serves as our Xibo CMS host. On our Android clients, for whatever reason (we’re not quite certain as to why - we suspect 802.11 random network issues, but we can not prove it) - sometimes the static web pages in a region are not displayed (or they take a long time to display - say an 8 second delay into a 20 second time line). We are wondering if a combination of browser caching through HTML expires settings in the web page header and Xibo caching settings might help us/hurt us?

Hi Kevin,

You could try to enable this setting in Display profile settings and see if it will be better for you (newest CMS/XfA required)

Ok, we will try it as we haven’t found a way to blame the wireless network (clients or APs) yet…