Weather templates display wrong

I have a fresh install of CMS and every thing seems to work ok except the weather templates all look super strange.

Here are a couple examples of template 1 and 4. It’s like the CSS is messed up but I verified it all and it all looks fine.

Hi Josh,

I had also used the default template, but was not happy with it.
After some css-changes I have the following:

If you like it, I can share the CSS and other settings I have used.
With thanks to SteitzTo for helping me with converting windspeed to windforce.

Regards, Peter

following up on this. I ended up deploying the display and found that while all the weather templates display wonky within the CMS interface itself, when pushed to the displays the templates are fine as expected. Odd because on cloud CMS they show up fine in the CMS interface. On my own instance of the CMS they display funny. This is non critical for me now that I know it is workign properly on the displays themselves. Certainly odd though.

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