Weather Module display issue

Hi all,

I seem to be having some issue with the weather module. I have my API and it’s generating the proper data. On my CMS screen, it displays in the proper location. On the actual signage, it seems to be position far to the right and ultimately clipped by the right edge of the container space (almost like it’s centered the weather output onto the right edge of the container so half the data is displayed and half clipped). Is anyone else having this type of an issue? Do I need to make the container smaller? I didn’t tweak anything about the weather module output so I’d imagine it should show up in the correct spot. The only changes from the default are:

template: current day
size: 2

This might make it easier to visualize:
Picture of CMS Layout

Picture of actual sign

What CMS and player version are you using please?

While you can try to adjust the size/position, it looks a bit odd at the moment.

If it is Windows client, please make sure you have IE11 installed on your PC and use Xibo for Windows 1.7.8.
You can also try ‘verify all’ on modules page and restart your client.

The CMS is 1.7.8. The client is 1.7.8 (both downloaded at the same time the other day).
The client is running Windows 8.1 - I’m pretty sure it has IE 11, but I won’t be able to verify it until after students leave today (I’ve currently removed the weather module until I can get this taken care of).

I have restarted the client several times - both in exiting the xibo client (alt-f4) and re-launching and rebooting the client itself (this was yesterday before I posted to the forums). I’ll verify the IE version this afternoon.

Ok, I just verified that IE11 is the version installed. I also ran the verify modules. I think I’m going to have to get an identical display setup to do more testing since I really don’t want to keep taking the live one down to experiment. Do you have any suggestions of what I can try for when I have my test display up?