Weather Module - Custom Icons

Was hoping to get some direction on installing custom icons for the Weather module. I’ve can’t seem to quite find anything comprehensive.

I’ve seen that you have to drop in a custom PNG file. Where? (I’ve seen different info on this).

I’ve figured out the “how” on a Docker image, but this took some searching as well.

Also, how do you get the weather module to use these icons? Not quite sure how to implement. The documentation is a little lacking in this area (basically just says you can drop in a custom PNG file, and the weather module will see it).

Hello and welcome to the community.

Unfortunately Custom Icons were something included in with 1.8.x and an oversight that this is still included in current documentation (which I shall look to remove asap, so thank you for highlighting that).

If you do need Custom Icons, I can certainly take it to our development team for consideration for a future release?

Yeah, I think it would be a nice feature. My plan was to upload a custom PNG file with different weather images and use those. Would be nice for flavor.

I have created a Feature Request regarding this for further feedback:

Thank you

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