Weather Map Images

I have the Forecast IO weather App running and I’m getting the information and icons but no background images. I’ve already did the Verify All and the Library media is showing an X, Image URL is defaulted at: forms/library.gif

Do I need to change the image location somewhere?


You should not change those module information there - library media X just means that you don’t upload files to the CMS library related to this module (as you do for images, videos etc)

The only field that you want to change in Weather module is the API key from darksky.

Could you tell me which CMS and player versions are you using please?

If it is Windows player, do you have a layout background image set? (if so, in what format please?)

Could you perhaps shows how does it look like in designer and on the player?

The images starting showing when I checked in the morning so it’s working now, thanks!