Way to limit accepted file types in library?

Hey all,

Is there some way to change what file types are allowed to be uploaded to the library? I’d like to remove a couple that are allowed in the default installation.

Specifically, I’d like to disable .JPGs. Most of our graphic contributors use lossless .PNGs, which look great when scaled up to 50+ inch TV sizes, but lossy .JPGs are sporadically showing up in the library and they look terrible. Rather then trying to police people’s .JPG compression levels, I’d rather just disallow .JPGs all together.

Is that an option? If not, could you please add it somewhere down the line?


You’d need to navigate to the Modules page, find Image, Edit it and remove the extensions you don’t want to be allowed from the “valid extensions” field.

Ah ha, thanks Peter. I didn’t think to look in Modules.