Watchdog don't call ExtWatchdogPath in White Label version

Player Version

Xibo v2 R202


When I add an external App/Script in the XiboWatchdog.exe.config in “Xibo Player\watchdog\x86” as value under the ExtWatchdogPath Tag, it gets called everytime the XiboWatchdog checks if Xibo is running.

But that doesn’t work when I install our White Label version. If I replace the Watchdog from the White Label version with the one from the standard Xibo version it works again (except the Task Icon isn’t from White Label anymore, obviously).

I think there is a fault while building the White Label version.

So that we can investigate further could you open a support ticket here, and include your script.

Thank you

Ticket opened.

I start an external Python App. But the specific App is not relevant, nothing get’s called. You can try a “test.bat” with eg. “echo Hello>> C:\Temp\test.log”.

I changed the text “When I add an external App…” to “When I add any external App…” to make that clear.

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