Watchdog - Client Version 1.7.3

First of all, thank you for the excellent work on the 1.7.3 release.

I have a problem with the watchdog.
XiboClientWatchdog.exe from folder x68 and x86 do not start.
message for both: not a valid Win32 application

no one else with this problem ?

Sorry, I didn’t see this topic.

I don’t have a win32 environment to test it with, but I did build it against a x86 profile. Can you try moving it out to a folder in C:\ directly and a folder without spaces in the name - something like watchdog?



both not working, Wiindows XP

Same problem here. Windows XP can’t run the watchdog app.

Good day,
I had this problem exclusively in Windows XP for version 1.7.4 too
(Work ok in Win 7 and Win 8)

I’ve got this issue too for Windows XP and client version 1.7.4. Is there a working x86 version of watchdog? Thanks