Watchdog and other scripts running on my server after removing Xibo

Hey there all,

I have a dedicated server with Bluehost where, for a while, I was hosting my Xibo installation. I was serving up abut 8 android devices on the dedicated server along with many websites we host as a web development company. This worked for a while until our server started to get bogged down once we added a couple more screens.

We then switched over to the Spring Signage Cloud service. We have had no problems with our digital signage since then, but our dedicated server where it once existed still shows some scripts showing up in top (in ssh) like watchdog, migration, etc.

We have removed the database and files from the dedicated server, but still see these php scripts for watchdog and other scripts popping up. Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this?

Thanks for the help in advance.

  • Jim

Hi Jim,

Xibo doesn’t have any scripts named “watchdog” or “migration” or actually run anything without you having set up a CRON job to do so (and then it would be called maintenance.php).

I suspect you might be seeing another application/service running, rather than Xibo? Do you think that is possible?

( P.S Glad you are finding our cloud service is running well for you).