Warning overlaying all the other content

I have 20 layouts scheduled on my display, and I want to show a Message that overlays all the videos scheduled.
Is there a way to make this, or I need to go to each layout and Add a new region with this message?

It would be a nice feature to have an option to add text/other to all currently playing layouts, for example some kind of important information/warning etc.

Second option at the moment I am afraid - add new region with text to each layout.

Well… I’ll see what I can do.

But this would be a nice feature for the software.

Other feature would be nice, is to import/export selected regions only, or a option to copy/paste them. =)

This would be an awesome feature! When there is an evacuation going on a message can be displayed in the whole office.

That should be easier with Playlists (once they are implemented!).

At the moment the only way is a priority layout, but I agree that this would be a nice feature.

@Peter - can you tag it up as a feature?

Done, @ilges I’ve changed the title a little bit, added some text and moved this topic to feature section.
If you (or anyone else) have some ideas about this feature request, please share them here.

It would be nice to use with the counter, popping up this feature when the counter is activated.

And it would be nice to set N messages and choose which player will show them or not.

Closed off by overlay layouts:

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