Want To Use XIBO with Postgres

Dear all hi

i want to use XIBO with PostgresSql plz Guide me what changes exactly want and where?
plz tell Srep by Step


Dear Founder , Co founder hi

if you have installable ZIP or TAR file of xibo - postgresSql plz provide me.

if not such ZIP or Tar Present Plz provide me all Steps to move from Mysql to PostgresSql

i have problem in Authenticate() function using Postgres Plz guide me

Xibo isn’t compatible with Postgress. It only runs on MySQL at present.

It may be possible in future versions to use MSSQL or Postgress as we move from the older PHP database API to the new, but right now you can’t.

Dear alex sir hi

i have installed xibo with mysql
then created a manually database in Postgres having same name
then all import all xibo table in postgres
also changed the PDO function ie passed postgres username and password for Connectivity of xibo with Postgres
but my authenticate function is not working ? (ie login failed)
plz guide me in this issue urgent.

Sachin Jadhao

by doing above method once it is log in in xibo the remaining functionality will help with postgres (ie whole code of xibo support above method)

Xibo is not compatible with Postgres. Copying the database over will not work.

Hi Alex,
on a previous post you spoke about coming versions that could allow that. Is it already on the roadmap ?

To be clear, we have NO plans to support Postgres in the immediate or mid future. We’re moving over slowly to use the newer PHP database framework which should then make it much less work to support Postgres were someone to come along and put the time in to develop that. 1.8.0 when released should be that point.

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