Want to Limit Number of Players

Hi all… Is there a way to limit the number of players per CMS instance? For example, if I install the Xibo CMS on resource-limited hardware, can I restrict the usage to only one or two players? I see that bandwidth and library size can have hard limits, but not the number of players. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

There is a setting for that, although it is not exposed in the web_ui.

The setting is called MAX_LICENSED_DISPLAYS

Which means you can run, something like

UPDATE `setting` set `value` = 1 WHERE `setting` = 'MAX_LICENSED_DISPLAYS'

Which will then limit the number of displays that can be authorised with CMS to, in this case, 1.

The default value is 0, which means no limit.

Any script or plugin for WordPress that can automate the install / restrict users CMS specs ?

So a customer can buy x number of displays and then a script/plugin runs against the CMS and sets up user with purchased display count.