VPS server requirements ZeroMQ & XTR

Hi All,

Am still new to Xibo so please bare with me, I found a post that was discussing the use of Xibo on a shared hosting, which I fully understand is not ideal. However the post contained some information that I would love learn more on and the issues that may arise. The quote is below but my main questions are:

ZeroMQ is need for push commands etc, without it there is no XTR connectivitiy, why does this mean that the database will quickly become unmanageably large?

Why would the layout not be automatically built and maintained?

Why would the background maintenance tasks not be running?

Any and all help in understanding this would be most welcome.

Thanks Paul

Most common issue with shared hosting is the lack of control over the parts of the shared server space that you make available. For a successful 1.8 CMS installation, you either need to be able to change the server webroot, or to be able to directly edit the webserver configuration to add an alias. Very few if any shared hosting plans offer that. There may of course be exceptions.

After that, you’re unlikely to have the ZeroMQ extentions, which means no XMR connectivity which means you can’t leverage the push messaging system so the Players won’t be able to know quickly that there is new content for update, nor take screenshots on demand, nor run custom commands.

Similarly, you’re unlikely to be able to run processes from a command line, so you won’t have XTR, which means your database will quickly become unmanageabley large, layouts won’t be automatically built and maintained, display up/down notifications won’t work, since the background maintenance tasks aren’t being run.

VPS hosting can be had very cheaply these days, and has none of the drawbacks of shared hosting. It is of course your choice.

ZeroMQ is only for XMR ie pushing content/messages to the players
it has nothing to do with XTR ie tasks https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/install_xtr.html

That being said, if you don’t have access to command line way to schedule tasks to run, then yes that will be XTR problem and these tasks (which includes maintenance) are pretty much necessary in the production environment.