View TV channels through setup box via media player with digital signage

Dear Sir,

I would like to use Xibo for digital signage in hotels, wherein the TV channels would be input to Xibo via a set top box in each room, and the signage would be displayed simultaneously on the bottom of the screen. The rooms would be playing different channels via the set top box at a given time, but the signage needs to be controlled through a centralized server.LAN network is available in all rooms. Kindly suggest the kind of hardware and software I would require to accomplish this. Would an Android device be enough to handle such a situation? And if so what kind of Android hardware is to be used? Kindly send the connectivity diagram to illustrate the use of the Android device.

To accomplish something like this without significant latency or degradation you’d need to write a custom player that would overlay the video on top of a Xibo layout, but that’s quite a tall order.