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Hello Dan,

I have a question about the functionality that sets a schedule as (View Permission Only).

Users are with VIEW and EDIT Displays the access.

The problem is that this CMS for several employees working on the same system. Schedules created by a user could be edited by another user.

The system is marked with View Permission Only by preventing the collaborative work between the user.

You could help me in this matter? It is a limitation of only edit the scheduling system the user who created?

I think that is how the feature was originally specified - so that if you have schedule with view permission set to yes then all users with view permission to that display will be able to make and edit schedules.

Are you suggesting that you want the whole permissions system implemented for scheduled events? This seems to be over-kill and would be very confusing.

Hello Dan,

I’m not suggesting change, but I think somehow the system has lost the grant. I try to remove the permissions of all displays of this CMS and add again.

Somehow the user with permission to view and edit this viewing programming with padlocks.

I use cms 1.7.5 it’s work fine for me. I think you should try sum of user in one group and set permission to this group that can help you easy handle permission.

I think I understand…

You mean that they could NOT be edited by another user?

Can you try to recreate this scenario so we can follow instructions to also see the same issue?

Hello Dan,

Yes, what is happening is that I make the schedule with my super admin user
and the customer with the user Admin Group with permission in Displays
viewed programming with View Only with the locks.

To resolve I had to comment on cogido the part that blocks the programming.
I could not understand where is the logic error.

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Hi Laercio,

So if group admin(or just user) has the following (minimal) permissions, he should be able to edit events created by other users. Please let me know if you did anything differently.

Page security
Homepage and login

Menu security
-Top Nav

Then of course:
Schedule with view permissions? (Settings-> permissions)
Needs to be set to yes (otherwise there events will be locked on the schedule page)

Also user needs:

  • at least View permissions to displays
  • permission to layout you want to schedule in edited event