Videowall Manager


Yesterday I was in Samsung, knowing the system that have for digital signage.
They have a line of professional monitors with linux and a system for content management called MagicInfo.

What I found interesting solution was the ease of creating videwall in various formats.

Basically workr selected as the option to mount table, informing amount of rows and columns. Then informed that Display is in which table position.

The system receives all the display receives content, but only displays the ratio that has been configured for it.

I found simple to use and very interesting.


It’s an interesting idea, but there’s a huge prerequisite which would be frame-accurate synchronisation between players. Once that were done then this is an east extension of that.

Frame-accurate sync however would be near impossible with Xibo’s current architecture. It would probably mean a substantial rewrite and probably loss of functionality in other areas to accommodate it. So great in the long term as a possible idea but I don’t see a route to this in the short term.

It would be great if a program is also offered for videowall system solutions.